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          Changzhou al kay electronics co., LTD. (former changzhou wujin lijia kelly was electronic components factory) is located in lijia town of changzhou city, jiangsu province economically developed transport facilities, the connecting line is specialized in producing all kinds of electrical and electronic connectors production enterprises, the main products are: alligator clip, banana plug, battery clip, tong antenna terminal plug in the socket, battery clip, car battery terminal, ST alligator clip, alligator clip is special clamp, multi-function alligator clip, banana plug mother a lantern banana plug, plug the four leaf of banana plug. Since the establishment of the past five years, has always been committed to product quality assurance, service wholeheartedly for the users, constantly to improve and improve the quality of products, technological innovation and technological transformation for the development of enterprises laid a good foundation. Our factory detection means complete, specializing in the production of various kinds of power supply, electronic, audio connectors, such as high school special specifications of products, our factory can design and manufacture for users, do new product, meet the demand of the customers, do & quot; A man without I have, people have my new & quot


          Our factory will be quality products, affordable price, best service, honest kindness as promises of dedication to the broad masses of users, and always welcome you the presence.


          Strategic partnership and win-win cooperation


          在Infinite fierce competition in the market today, only win-win strategy in the cooperation, to win the future. Now our company with domestic and foreign companies formed a strategic partnership, achieve the goal of common development.


          The reason of choose al kay electronics as a strategic partner:

          --ISO9001-2000 quality management system to ensure the stability of product quality

          --More than 20 years of experience in industry production.

          --Certification is complete, has been for API, CE, AZ and relevant certificates

          --Innovation and customer-focused service concept;


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