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          Battery clip 500A



          500Abattery clip / alligator clip
           Model: 1-35/ 500A battery clip                           Specifications: L:150mm
           Finish: silver / nickel / copper                             jacket colors: red, black.   
          Material: iron / copper / stainless steel                 Insulation Material: PVC
           Production process: cold                                   Packing: PE bags / Elevators / blister / card / various packaging
          Performance: elastic, shiny surface plating, conductive ability, pressure, etc.
          Purpose: Test folder, electromechanical electricity, electrical powered, digital test / power
          This section can be made ??into fish alligator clip clamp, test line, a variety of styles to match the product line can be custom processing.
          Little if any change in the product, you can mold change.
                                                                                                                                               Ya Erkai welcome to order!

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